Chief supervisor and building administrator

The chief supervisor

The chief supervisor manages the construction work and ensures that the rules and regulations regarding construction work are complied with. The chief supervisor is also responsible for the compliance with the building permit and good construction practice on the site, as well as occupational safety issues.

The chief supervisor is responsible for ensuring that:

1) the starting of the building work is reported to the building authorities
2) the construction work is carried out in accordance with the permit granted and the rules and regulations applying to construction work;
3) the necessary actions are taken towards deficiencies and errors identified during the construction work;
4) the inspections required in the permit are booked in good time and the checks and actions agreed upon in the starting meeting or otherwise held at the appropriate stages of the work;
5) the approved construction drawings and any required special drawings, the up-to-date construction inspection document, any test results, and other necessary documents.

(Land Use and Building Decree 73 §)

The building administrator

Through us you will also get supervision services needed at the construction site. Wrongly built structures or bad solutions made at the construction site are difficult and expensive to correct afterwards. With the right supervision at the time of building you can be sure that the construction has been carried out as planned and that the project is moving forward.

The administrator is good to get onboard the building project as early as possible, as he participates in the planning, contract tender stage and contract negotiations, as well as in all the meetings. The administrator's job also includes the organizing of meetings at the construction site, where the projects sticking to schedule, implementation of the plans and any possible changes are gone through. The construction site meetings are attended by the main contractor, sub-contractors, designers, and possibly the party behind the construction project.

Ab Chri-Cons Oy Ltd is an independent “third party” that takes care of the project running as it is supposed to.

Occupational Safety and Health Coordinator

The party engaging in a construction project (the builder) must ensure that the building is designed and built in accordance with the rules and regulations applying to construction work.

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Wet room supervision

The waterproofing of the bathroom is a critical step and requires professional skills and caution. Let's do things right the first time so as to achieve a successful and easy bathroom renovation.

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All of our construction projects are different and we investigate our customers' needs individually. Submit a contact request via the form and we will build you a suitable service package.

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