Building services

Ab Chri-Cons Oy Ltd's aim is to serve its customers as broadly as possible on a turnkey basis. Nowadays construction involves quite an amount of red tape the knowledge of which cannot be easily achieved. For example, a private constructor cannot possibly know everything required in connection with a construction project.

We are professionals and we help our customers realize their dreams. We assist, for example, either only in supervision and bureaucracy issues or according to wishes we can manage the entire construction or repair project from beginning to end. We offer flexible solutions according to our customers’ needs.

Turnkey services

If needed Ab Chri-Cons Oy Ltd will manage the whole construction project from beginning to end, seamlessly and at a reasonable cost. Construction is carried out in cooperation with a network of partners, and we will manage the project so that the whole construction project is as easy and hassle free to the customer as possible.
In some cases, a turnkey solution has surprisingly proved to be the most economical option in the end, but this is dependent on many factors. Feel free to ask for a price and let us take care of the entire construction project from beginning to end.

Construction services are meant for those customers who do not have the time or knowledge to manage a construction project. Tasks included depend on the scope of the project and the customer's choices:

• selecting the designers and making their contracts (eg architect, structural planning, HVAC, interior design, garden work)
• managing the planning work and cost estimates and drafting a preliminary timetable
• organizing the bidding process for the main construction contract
• preparing the construction work contracts (eg work on invoice, target price contract, fixed contract price)
• controlling payment schedules and supervising the work
• participating in regulatory inspections, including structural planning

Cooperation with us is easy and reliable

Ab Chri-Cons Oy Ltd has a wide network of partners so we can ensure you that your project will be handled certainly and in the best possible way. Contact us!

Designing and structural planning

We take care of all the planning work according to the customer's needs, such as architectural, permit, and construction drawings. We will work depending on the agreement either on an hourly or contract price basis.

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Chief supervisor and building administrator

The chief supervisor manages the construction work and ensures that the rules and regulations regarding construction work are complied with. The chief supervisor is also responsible for the compliance with the building permit and good construction practice on the site, as well as occupational safety issues.

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All of our construction projects are different and we investigate our customers' needs individually. Submit a contact request via the form and we will build you a suitable service package.

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