Occupational Safety and Health Coordinator

The party engaging in a construction project (the builder) must ensure that the building is designed and built in accordance with the rules and regulations applying to construction work.

In order to make sure that the before-mentioned really happens the Government Decree on the Safety of Construction (205/2009, 426/2004) requires that the builder assigns a person responsible for occupational health for the building projects, an occupational safety coordinator.

The first sentence of the Government Decree on the Safety of Construction 26.3.2009 / 205/2 chapter / § 5: The builder shall assign for each building project a sufficiently qualified safety coordinator matching the complexity of the project.

The safety coordinator is the builder’s representative.

The safety coordinators tasks are defined also by the EU Directive (92/57 EEC). The builder must ensure that the safety coordinator is qualified and has the authority and meets the other requirements needed to look after the tasks in question.