Designing and structural planning

Design services

Head designer tasks we primarily take in Eastern Uusimaa and the Helsinki Metropolitan area, but also elsewhere on agreement. If necessary, we will work on a project as the chief supervisor and the head designer, in which case the organizing of construction site meetings and the bureaucracy involved in the permit process are handled in an easier way for the builder.

What does the head designer do?

When applying for a building permit a head designer must be assigned for the construction site. The head designer is responsible for the planning as a whole and will make sure that the plans fit together and form an entity that meets the requirements. A good head designer will ensure that the plans have been made at high quality and are easy to implement at the site.

What does the head designer do in practice?

The head designer is responsible that the plans fit together, are of high quality and are able to be implemented. High quality plans and their coordination reduce the need for changes at the construction site, and can save the builder a considerable amount of money. Is it worth paying a carpenter for standing with nothing to do or to rather choose a qualified head designer who will see to it that the plans at the site are high-quality and up-to-date, so that the project goes forward as it should. Good plans and their professional coordination will result in a much faster move into a functioning and safe home.

We take care of all the planning work according to the customer's needs, such as architectural, permit, and construction drawings. We will work depending on the agreement either on an hourly or contract price basis.

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